Acting Company

Oltre Show Design was created from an idea by Chiara Valli, choreographer and director of stage shows and musicals and by Alessandro Velletrani, lighting designer for theatrical shows, concerts and large events on an International scale. Their experience in organisational, technical and artistic terms in live performances allowed them to collaborate with professionals and create their own independent acting company. Oltre Show Design specialises in the creation of original shows where music, dance, lights and images in motion blend in a unique language thanks to accurate planning and a constant creative and technical sharing between the sectors.

The company believes that the success of any event is due to the attention to detail… Magnificence creates wonder and wonder stops time, allowing the audience to catch hues, a glance, a sound, a light and enjoy what they see and hear…all of this creates emotions and emotions carry the message that goes straight to the heart where Oltre Show Design believes is the best form of communication.